All Level Hatha Yoga
1 hour and 15 minutes with Vanessa Chambers
This class is appropriate for those with little or no yoga experience. Each class will have the same elements as other yoga classes: intention, centering, physical postures, breathing practices, and meditation. The pace will be more methodical. There will be modifications and props used. Gather books, straps, scarves, socks, blocks, blankets and pillows; whatever you have at home to use as props to accommodate your body.
All Levels Hatha Yoga
1 hour with Meghan Hogan
Wake up gradually with nourishing movement for the major joints of the body. Class winds down with guided relaxation and meditation. Your hips, shoulders, and heart will thank you.
Gentle Flow
1 hour with Courtney Ortiz
A chance for you to unwind and destress as you kick off your week. This vinyasa class will be slower in tempo allowing you to take a much needed pause and to set yourself up for a positive and productive week ahead.
Gentle Hatha Yoga
1 hour with Chris Darby-King
Props you may enjoy having on hand are Yoga Mat, Firm Blanket (or large Beach Towel), Yoga Blocks, pillows, strap, belt or long sock.